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Photo strips

These 2x3 photo strips are a fun addition to any party each guest can take unlimited sessions and receive their pictures immediately. You can also save yourself some money an use them as your party favor!

4x6 Customize Templates

We can create images that will match the theme of your event.  Guest love receiving an instant memorabilia.

mt. zion prints_22
mt. zion prints_37
xmas prints 2018_15
xmas prints 2018_51
Veronica's 60th_71
Veronica's 60th_14
motown prints_20
kecia xmas party prints_33
kecia xmas party prints_16
Famu Classic  prints_57
Famu Classic  prints_47
Famu Classic  prints_10
Clint Birthday Party_94
Janiya Bday party_74
Janiya Bday party_62
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